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Notice: Formation of the Intellectual Property Department

For implementing intellectual property laws, rules and regulations of the state, making the company intellectual property management strategy, realizing the development plan, actively promoting the development of scientific and technological achievements, enhancing enterprise ‘s thought and ability of protecting companies’ achievements, establishing and improving the company's intellectual property system, the company decided to set up the intellectual property department. The intellectual property department‘s responsibilities are as follows:

1. Organizing the company intellectual property system, formulating and improving the system of protecting the intellectual property and making the detailed information and strategy of protecting the property according to the actual situation.

2. Organizing the teaching of the thought and ability of protecting the intellectual property. Carry out special research work of managing the intellectual property .Analyzing, applying, registration and evalsuating companies’ intellectual property. Contacting the patent agency and handling the relevant procedures.

3. Collect, establish and analyze the literature database of the company’s intellectual property. Auditing all kinds of the contracts.

4. Handling all the disputes about the intellectual property. Arrange all the staff to learn the importance of the intellectual property.

5. When the colleague find that our company’s logo, picture, video, or other information stolen by other company , he should tell the manager immediately, and the manager should handle it at once, so that the company can protect itself. When our patent and logo are used by other enterprise, we should find the evidence, and we can bring a lawsuit to the people’s court when necessary. Each colleague in our company are responsible for protecting our enterprise.

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