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New journey, New departure-FENGMI Plant’s 2015 New Year party

“New journey,new departure”. CHANGZHOU FENGMI ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT PLANT’s New Year party of 2015 ended quite successfully in WEIDU HOTEL on February 26th. Employees from all over the country got together to celebrate this annual event. Much to people’s delight , those staff who coming from Shandong ,Hebei, Henan , Sichuan Guangdong , Fujian and Zhejiang province came on their own free will without hesitation, despite such bad weather. There is no denying that company’s care and love for the employees win their heart and loyalty to the company.

In 2014, FENGMI plant’s leather measuring machine’s market share maintains the first position in Chinese leather machinery industry, which keeps the honor of the first brand. Meanwhile, leather shortcreting machine, leather embossing machine and other products are being accepted and loved by more and more clients. Totally new design ideas, professional production and perfect after- sales service ensure the products’ high quality and the efficient operation of the whole enterprise. We firmly believe that,Changzhoufengmi electronic equipment plant will develop better in future.

The New Year party lasted for about 3 hours. On-site lucky draw pushed the event to an exciting climax. That night, The staff got one Acer I7 processor laptop, two Huawei dual card dual standby mobiles phoness,5 Nikon digital cameras, 10 Jiu Yang electric kettles and more than 100 memorial cups. At dinner, everyone had a toast and blessed each other.

FENGMI plant, used 20 years to develop from a small workshop of few staff to the China leather machinery industry leader; Respecting the past, looking into the future .FENGMI’s future must  be more brilliant. 

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