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25. FENGHAO leather spraying machine flourishes in Chile

Chile has the land area of 756,626 square kilometers. It locates in the southwest ofSouth America. The western is on the foot of theAndes. The East is to theArgentina.The north is toPeru, andBolivia. The west is on the Pacific. It is the world’s most narrow country terrain. It is the member States of the Union of South American countries. It together withArgentinaandBrazilinSouth America, called as ABC nations.

Chile has very rich resources of forest and leather. Though facing all kinds of crisis in different historical period, the social economy in recent years there has got a significant and sustained growth, which brings toChileleather industry opportunities. It can export toChinaleather raw. In addition,Chile's refined leather products and high value-added products can occupy a position inChina. According to the introduction,Chileexports large amount of the leather shoes toChina. Both two countries established free trade area, in such situation, FENGMI andChileleather companies actively carry out the cooperation. FENGMI spraying machine successfully exported toChile. From the machine installation, commissioning and training, the two sides increased the trust of each other.

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