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Is it reliable on mobiles app to measure the leather?

With the development of science and technology, now mobiles application comes endlessly, there have been some mobiles applications that can measure all kinds of data such as: distance measurement, temperature, elevation measurement, the noise measurement and etc. However, a lot of experts will tell you that don’t believe in measured data from mobiles applications because the data is not accurate enough. For example: some patients with high blood pressure had tried to use a mobiles phones application to measure blood pressure which leads to the results for failed to heal.Many doctors said, if you rely on such an application software to make medical decision , is too risky.” Recently, there is a kind of automatic photo Leather Measuring Machine for mobiles on Alibaba website for sale. It prides itself on the measurement precision that its accuracy can reach 99% which is much higher than the traditional computer leather measuring machine. This “artifact” also has export data, and other functions. The author also think that is very good however, I’m afraid is a strong word only. As you all know, computer leather measuring machine belongs to a kind of measuring instruments. It keeps standard by national technical quality supervision bureau issued by the license for manufacturing measuring instruments.And the measurement accuracy is not written yourself casually, also it needs the inspection report. In addition, the device is based on mobiles phones cameras as well as the application of computing and speculation.And mobiles phones camera pixels is limited, can not and close range compared with leather measuring optical scanning sensor;In addition, as is known to all mobiles phones digital camera is often affected by light interference, the moderating effect of various environment, particularly in the highlights and dark environment, so this kind of mobiles phones leather measuring machine cannot adapt to the complex environment.And now the mainstream leather measuring machine computer or home computers by single chip microcomputer, Feng Mi electronic uses a binary system, SCM (single chip micyoco and ordinary manufacturer use a Windows system; Ordinary Windows software there are all kinds of problems, it is easy to make mistakes;Most mobiles phones androids system adopted in the system and ioses, and Windows system is far less than, can the application of this system is based on by spectrum? A piece of leather is not cheap, given the amount of leather tannery need to measure all day, a slight error is millions of losses.Are you willing to try this kind of mobiles phones leather measuring machine, or just take it as a toy?

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