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Most sincere friendship with Pakistan

Pakistan is located in the northwest of the subcontinent ofSouth Asia. The south is to theseaofArabia, East is toIndia, northeast is toChina, northwest is bordered withAfghanistanand west is toIran. It has 980 km long coastline. The southern part has the tropical climate and the rest has the subtropical climate. The former capital isKarachi', the largest city inPakistan. The capital now isIslamabad. In the past few decades, the development of leather industry inPakistanhas made considerable progress. Its leather and leather products get high quality reputation in the international market.

Pakistan is one of the countries with rich rawhide resource in the world. The skins are mainly fromBuffalo, cattle, goats and sheep.Punjabprovince has rich rawhide resource with high quality because of rich grass, irrigation ditches and other favorable conditions.

The leather being processed and used inPakistancomes fromPunjaband Xing De province. Most of them are processed by the chrome. According to the statistics, in 2007,Pakistanhas more than 720 processing enterprises. 30 -50 companies are of large-scale. The others are the small companies. Over 180 companies are in Kosher. Over 170 companies are inKarachi. Over 130 companies are inSialkot. About 0.5 million people are doing this industry.Pakistan’s economic development level is low and the market is limited.Over80% of the products is selling to oversea country, mainly toHong Kong,Italy,South Korea,China,GermanyandJapan; Leather clothing is mainly exported to American,Spain, Hong Kong andSaudi Arabia.

The main problems ofPakistanleather industry: 1. the degree of mechanization is low.2. Exporting products are finished and semi-finished products with low added value. It has few products with high added value to export.3.It has no skilled workers with professional knowledge.

To solve the problems inPakistanleather industry, the government ofPakistanactively corporate withChinaand the government give subsidies to enterprises to introduce advanced equipment. FENGMI wonPakistanenterprises’ trust for its good reputation in the international market. Many types of equipment are exported toPakistan, solving a series ofPakistan’s low level of mechanization. We believe that either at present or in the future,ChinaandPakistan’s corporation in the leather industry will last for long. And cooperation will have a history as long as. Both people in two countries have the most sincere relationships.

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