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Leather machinery industry has basically achieved steady development.

Leather machinery industry has basically achieved steady development. Last year, the foreign trade situation is good, new products, new technology research and development tend to be more active, high-end equipment independent innovation achievements are constantly emerging. At the beginning of 2015 China leather machinery industry is expected to continue the same trend in 2014. Its full-year 2014 in leather machinery industry federation, China leather machinery industry press conference of the situation of economic operation. It is understood that in 2014 China leather machinery industry basically achieved steady into, in 2015 is expected to continue downward trend in 2014, but will gradually slow, years is expected to be stabilizing.

With the development of new technology and science in tannery.  Our leather machinery tends to be more accurate and sound. At the same time, our leather machinery will tend to be more active in research and development in measuring software and etc.
Looking ahead to 2015, there is still a downward pressure on economic growth, industry overall tight situation of the development of the external environment is difficult to have obvious difference.The author believes that the overall judgment, leather machinery industry growth rate in 2015 will continue downward.
From the point of leather machinery industry operating environment, one is the financial cost especially the year-on-year rate of increase the interest payments are still relatively high, the financing environment is more severe.Second, the accounts receivable year-on-year growth is still high, payment collection difficult.Third is the finished goods inventory year-on-year growth rose month by month.Four is orders year-on-year growth down apparently, and downward from month to month.5 it is leather machinery products demand is still relatively weak.Six is the decline of the growth of investment in fixed assets, the investment demand is not optimistic.
Need to pay attention to is that the current is a feature in the development of industry, the industry overall future secure, but between different industries and the differentiation between different enterprises in the same industry will intensify.The author thinks that, in the leather machinery industry under the background of capital structure diversification, industry endogenous strain energy is increasing.As long as adhere to the market orientation of reform, need not worry about the future of China leather machinery industry.

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